We were commissioned by the German agency Proximty, based in Dusseldorf, to develop a series of posters for a punk-rock show, with the purpose of helping the local punk scene, impaired due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  The event would take place inside PickUp Store, a traditional shoe store in the city and which has always been linked to the punk movement. 

During the band's presentation, the well-known Dr. Martens boots would be sold with a discount, and the brand’s merchandising were also available for purchase. Our idea for the posters was to emphasize that the show would take place inside a small shoe store. We also brought references to the traditional punk-rock posters of the 70s, the peak of style in the world. To further tie the idea of the event with the art created, we used Dr. Martens shoe boxes as a platform for the posters, which were printed on the box lid. All the info about the event was insite of the boxes, that were spread around the city to publicize the show and enable public interaction.

Project awarded with bronze at illustrated Poster category at LAD Awards 2021.

Creative Direction: Pedro Rocha & Sebastian Steller. 
Agency: Proximity Dusseldorf.

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