O Exquisito is a bar located in Pinheiros, São Paulo, that offers food and drinks inspired by the culture of Latin American countries. With 15 years of history, the bar needed a renovation and our challenge was to create a visual identity that could represent this new moment of the establishment, while keeping its personality even more alive.

The new visual universe was built from elements inspired by Latin American culture, from classic cooking ingredients like lemon and cilantro, to regional symbols and icons of the continent. These elements were illustrated to form a visually rich and abundant identity, with lots of color and detail.

The details of the illustrations is reminiscent of wall paintings in regional restaurants, in a melting pot of references that is Latin America. We also referenced the precariousness of low-cost printing, commonly used for promotional flyers or fruit transport boxes.

The result is an illustrated visual identity, full of color and personality, that tells a story and perfectly reflects the bar's connection to Latin culture.

Texto + Imagem

The illustrations were used to help convey the idea of this cultural richness. Tables, walls, and ceiling were decorated with artistic elements and vibrant colors, keeping the design present everywhere.

We also created an exclusive typography, also inspired by vernacular typographic design, present in fairs, markets, and small businesses.

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