Matinho do Bom.
Does not contain cannabis,
but we wish it could.

Matinho do Bom is a project where we put different areas of expertise into practice: we’ve created the brand concept, logo, visual universe, illustrations, lettering, and packaging. It's a cool product that is part of a new and growing market, and a client who is open-minded, trusting our work and giving us complete creative freedom.

As a hard seltzer, a new product in the market, our main objective was to invite the consumer to try this new flavor: a blend of mate, lemon, rum, and a mix of terpenes and Strada hops, which brings a special aroma of cannabis to the drink. This was crucial to conceptualize the entire Matinho universe, with the idea that the can is a gateway to an incredible journey in a new world of flavors.

To illustrate and create the atmosphere of this new world, we created a series of graphics and characters, making the packaging full of playful, fun, and unique elements - we moved away from the obvious cannabis universe, bringing influences from psychedelic elements, but in a bold and non-caricatured way.

The color palette we created is diverse and includes a variety of shades, strategically chosen to create a youthful, contemporary, and friendly environment. Each color in the palette contributes to conveying a specific atmosphere and helps build the brand's identity.

For the logo, we combined bold and geometric shapes with smooth curves, to balance solidity and trust with warmth and closeness. The custom typography contributes to an inviting visual and the result is a logo that is easily applicable and readable, even with a long name, maintaining its clarity and visual impact in different formats and sizes.


"Matinho’s can now stands out on the shelf and sells itself.  Even before we put the first brand launch strategies into action, we had practically sold out the entire first production batch.  The new brand created by Caxa has a strong connection with the audience and has been vital in differentiating our product at the point of sale."

Luan Silva, Co-founder of Buena Onda Lab.

The transformation of the brand is evident, and the product has started to generate demand, curiosity, and recognition from the public. This directly reflected in sales, which were boosted after the launch of the new packaging and visual identity.

The cannabis market has been growing exponentially worldwide and, although it still faces strong restrictions in Brazil, it has the potential to become an industry with enormous consumption potential. For now, Matinho do Bom only has "common cannabis seasonings."
But it wouldn't hurt to have more than that .

Creative Direction: Vitor Brito Pereira
Design e illustration: Renato Brito Mamede e João Maiolini
Motion: Bout Design • Sound design: Jean Luc  • 3D: Studio Cosmo

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