Exporevestir is the largest trade fair for coatings and finishes in Latin America, and we were responsible for creating the new graphic concept and communication for the 2024 edition of the event.

Organized by Anfacer - National Association of Ceramic Tile Manufacturers, Sanitary Ware, and Related Products for over 20 years, it is the largest and most comprehensive fair in the sector, attracting participants and visitors from around the world. With the slogan "Forging new paths," the 2024 edition marks a new era in the history of the event.

The biggest challenge brought by the client was to present a new image for the event, more contemporary and connected to the new media, technologies, and communication dynamics of the attending audience, predominantly architects and designers. The tone of this communication should also resonate with the brands participating in the fair, reflecting the sophistication, quality, and refinement present in their products.

With these ideas in mind, we developed a visual identity composed of abstract graphic elements, evocative of images common to this audience, such as coatings, texture swatches, material palettes, and three-dimensional objects. These elements also suggest movement, as if they were about to connect, referencing the dynamic nature of the fair itself, a space for encounters and connections.

We opted for a broad and varied color palette, with an emphasis on the use of gradients. The predominant use of black highlights the new logo created for the event and ensures clarity in communication and information reading, especially considering that the main point of contact with the public is during the fair; its minimalist layout acts as a breath amid the mix of stands, brands, and communications present at the event.

With this, we were able to develop a sober and versatile material, with numerous possibilities for application, replication, and variation, without becoming repetitive, and maintaining quick identification with the audience. A vibrant and imposing material that maintains sobriety and fulfills its main objective of communicating the essence of the fair.


Estúdio Caxa:
Débora Gomes dos Santos
Fabricio Luciano Gonçalves
Ioná Ricobello
João Maiolini
Paulo Fragatti
Renato Brito Mamede
Vitor Brito Pereira

 Anfacer / Expo Revestir:
André Campana
Gabriela Costa
Henrique Oliveira
Nathalia B Santos
Pedro Castro


Fotos: Raquel Santos

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