The Alto is a bar located in the Pinheiros neighborhood in São Paulo. Designed to be a hybrid of a high-end cocktail bar and a live music venue, we faced the challenge of translating these characteristics into a versatile and practical visual identity for the day-to-day communication of the venue.


Creating a visual identity for Alto, taking into account its diverse programming, was an exciting challenge that required an extensive search for a unique solution. With a wide range of daily attractions and various points of communication with customers, the task was to find a visual approach that conveyed the essence of the venue. 

To achieve this goal, we arrived at the following idea: combining craft cocktails with live music, seeking a seamless connection between the drink selected by the mixologist and the evening's musical performance. This not only emphasized the experience offered by Alto but also opened up a range of possibilities for creating diverse layouts.

Using a grid as the foundation for the layout, we explored colors based on the elements found in the chosen drink's recipe. In this way, we were able to maintain the originality and vibrancy of the visual identity, avoiding repetition or monotony. Additionally, we incorporated musical frequencies and images of the performances to ensure clear and consistent communication.

Also, for the logo  creation, "Alto" means "high" in Portuguese, which is why the typography has this distortion. It refers to loud music and also references the architecture of the house, which has multiple levels, stairs, and bleachers.

To assist in the composition, we also created an extensive library of graphics inspired by musical frequencies, which can be exchanged according to the musical style of the night.

The combination of these elements ultimately generated a blend of colors and frequencies that make the identity of the venue rich, versatile, and innovative. With an almost infinite combination of colors and graphics, it allows for the creation of promotional materials for the shows.

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