We were commissioned by the VR Benefícios team to create an illustrated identity for the brand. Our mission was to develop a unique illustration style to be used in all communication, website, and applications.



To achieve this, we brought a balanced vector stroke between lines that refer to the logo and organic shapes, highlighting Brazilian features in body types, clothing, and scenarios. Green was used as the predominant color to create a direct connection with the brand, and the curves of the logo are also present in the developed scenes.

Brazil is also well represented in scenarios and actions, attempting to show part of the daily life of its audience in various situations. A bar, square, American cup, and fair pastry are all part of this playful universe created.

With the use of illustrations, the brand's communication with its audience became more simplified and direct, helping to make the brand more accessible and inclusive by representing different types of people in its scenes. Additionally, the created illustrations are versatile and can be applied in different contexts, from printed materials to video animations.

Modulo Especial

The illustrated identity was adopted throughout the communication, creating a more modern image for VR Benefícios and contributing to further consolidate its connection with the Brazilian audience.

Ficha Técnica:

Team Estúdio Caxa:
Renato Brito Mamede
Vitor Brito Pereira
Marcelo Fahd
Maurício Fahd
Maryangela Alves
Thiago da Costa (Thaco)


Team VR Benefícios:
Arthur Sandrini
Augusto Mori
Deise de Carvalho
Juliana Bueno
Pedro  Ivo

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