Bellano is a 100% original visual identity project that came to light after a series of creative differences with a client. We were pleased with the result, which became a complete visual identity.

This project originated from a briefing we received from a fast food Italian restaurant chain in the USA. We were challenged to create a visual identity for them, using character illustrations as a way to bring the brand closer to its target audience, making it more friendly and attractive to the whole family. During the development of the project, we had some creative differences with the client, and the project ended up not being completed.

However, we liked the work so much that we decided to take it a step further. Even without the client's continuation, we developed a new brand name and logo, concluding a 100% original visual identity project.

In the illustrations, we brought a humorous side by transforming classic Italian dishes into characters. The menu stars appear in amusing situations, providing a modern and lighthearted look for the brand. We opted for a style with "handmade" details, reflecting an artisanal food concept, made with love and care.

This project highlights our ability to turn creative challenges into unique opportunities. Even without the client's final implementation, the resulting work is an expression of our original style and our passion for creating engaging visuals connected to artisanal roots. This project reinforces our belief that brands can gain even more life with the help of an illustrated visual identity.

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