Brandini is a food products brand from Maceió, with a strong connection to the North and Northeast regions of Brazil. We were commissioned by the Execution agency to create a series of illustrations for their communication, incorporating elements of typical recipes, objects, and traditional festivals from these regions. The illustrations feature strokes reminiscent of woodcuts, but with a personalized and modern touch. The result is a rich graphic universe that maintains a deep connection to local cultural and culinary roots.

Our goal was to bring out a bit of our style, aligning it with the brand's communication objectives.

The outcome is illustrations with a woodcut aesthetic, depicting typical recipes, objects, and traditional festivals in a rich and vibrant color palette. This work was launched in time for the traditional São João celebrations, honoring the rich culture of the Brazilian Northeast.

As a way to reinforce and enrich the aesthetic we wanted to showcase in the illustrations, we simulated textures and also registration errors, helping to bring an aesthetic close to the vernacular, even richer and more connected to popular graphics.

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