For the global launch of Havaianas Slides, we were invited by GUT São Paulo Agency to help them visually build the concept of "To Go Wild" in a way that represented the brand but differed from their usual communication. 

With this goal in mind, we crafted a collection of captivating illustrated graphic elements that compose the Key Visuals and campaign films. One of the resources used to reinforce the brand's identity was to incorporate the texture of the flip-flops into the illustrations and patterns.

This approach allowed for a direct visual connection with the product, characterizing the illustrations in a unique and cohesive manner. By incorporating the texture of Havaianas, we were able to convey the tactile and visual sensations that consumers can expect when experiencing the product.

Furthermore, for the badges, we explored elements inspired by cartographic maps and navigation icon seals. These references added a touch of adventure and exploration to the campaign, complementing the "To Go Wild" concept.

With the careful combination of these illustrated graphic elements, badges, stickers, footprints, and textured animals, we created a visual ensemble that captures the essence of the campaign. 

texto 2

ECD: Bruno Brux, Murilo Melo
Creative Directors: Julia Mota, Lucas Adam
Creatives: Daniel Achucarro, Matheus Sanches, Mariane Almeida
Managing Director : Valéria Barone
Head of Account: Alessandra Visintainer
Group account Director: Maira Bandeira
Account Director: Raphael Guillen, Joe Richardson
Account executive: Milena Cruz
Head of Strategy: Amanda AgostiniStrategy
Director:  Rafael TrevesanStrategy
Manager: Bruno Facundes
Strategy Supervisor: Angel Pinheiro
Head of Content: Patrícia Moura
Content Strategy Manager: Rafael Fontenelle
Head of Production: Julia Ramos 
Senior Producer: Luciane Nuvolara

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