The OnHold Music Festival was the first call waiting music festival in Brazil, the result of an action by Gray agency for the website Reclame Aqui on Consumer’s Day. Stages were set up in front of the companies that had the most negative ratings on the customer service site, and a rock band played call waiting songs at full volume.

Our job was to develop a series of posters, illustrations, and letterings to give an incredible look to this idea. For the composition, we brought influences from punk rock posters and horror comic books. The illustration style was fundamental to convey the message that the campaign wanted to transmit. The mix of skulls with funny titles set the perfect tone for the campaign to be a success. Besides that, the posters served as a key visual for all campaign communication, as well as the creation of merchandise materials for the fictional festival, such as hats, t-shirts, and stickers.

The project won three Lions at Cannes, a Wood Pencil at D&AD, was a finalist at the 2018 Latin America Design Awards, won the Brazil Design Award 2018 in the Crafts for Design category, and was selected for the 13th Graphic Design Biennial of ADG.
Agency: Grey São Paulo
Art Director: Eduardo Nosé e Pedro Rocha
Copywriter: Rainor Marinho
Creative Director: Marcelo Bruzzesi e Rafael Gonzaga
Executive Creative Director: Adriano Matos
CCO: Rodrigo Jatene

 Caxa • Illustrations:
Vitor Brito Pereira e Renato Brito Mamede.

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